Skinny Kitchen’s Top 10 Recipes for 2022

Well, the list is here…The Top 10 Recipes on Skinny Kitchen this year. A few have been on the list several years ago but most are new to the list. Not only have so many of you enjoyed these, but I also found myself making these healthy gems all throughout this past year. Maybe some of your favorites are on the list. I hope you will give all of them a try. Happily, most of them freeze great. So stockpile your freezer for easy last-minute healthy meals.
Have fun skinny cooking!


Tuscan Chicken Tortellini Soup (Crock-pot or Stove-Top)


The Best Skinny Meatloaf


Low Carb Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Skinny Fried Chicken with Spicy BBQ Sauce

Super Easy, Low Calorie Breakfast Quiche

Skinnylightful Chicken Fried Rice

Delectably Skinny Chicken, Peppers and Onions Skillet

Skinny Chicken Mexican Stew (Pozole)


Sinfully Rich and Skinny Macaroni & Cheese, Italian-Style


Skinny Mexican Chicken and Brown Rice Casserole


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