Skinny Meatloaf

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Are you looking for a super yummy, quick dinner to make? If you haven’t tried my skinny meatloaf yet, I think you’re going to love it!  It’s low in calories, very moist and has a divinely rich sweet ketchup glaze.  It’s a whole lot skinnier than most meatloaf recipes because I’m using an extra lean ground beef, homemade whole wheat bread crumbs and egg whites. By the way, making your own crumbs is really simple to do. The skinny for 1 serving,  214 calories, 5 grams of fat and 6 Weight Watchers SmartPoints. If calculated using Weight Watchers whole wheat bread for the crumbs, 4 SmartPoints. Any leftovers makes great sandwiches too!

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Bake Time: 50 minutes

Ingredients for Meatloaf:

1 pound (96%) extra lean ground beef, see shopping tip

1½ slices whole wheat bread, remove crusts (I used Milton’s Multigrain bread)

1 cup onions, chopped

2 egg whites

3 tablespoons ketchup

1 tablespoon spicy brown or yellow mustard

1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce

¼ teaspoon salt

Fresh ground pepper, to taste

Ingredients for Topping:

¼ cup ketchup

1 tablespoon spicy mustard or yellow mustard

2 teaspoon brown sugar, packed


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line a baking sheet with foil and set aside.

2.  In a large bowl, add the ground beef.

3. To make bread crumbs: remove crust, break up bread and add to a blender or food processor. Process until the bread turns into crumbs.

4. To the beef, add the bread crumbs, onions, egg whites, ketchup, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper, to taste. Using your hands, mix together all the ingredients.

5. Place the meat mixture on the baking sheet and free form a loaf by hand. It should be about 12”x4.”

6. In a small bowl, mix together the topping ingredients. Spread all over the top of the meatloaf.

6. Bake for 55 minutes. Remove from oven and let rest for at least 10 minutes before slicing.

Makes 10 slices (2 slices for each serving)

Shopping Tip

Happily most supermarkets sell lean ground beef. I used the 96% lean ground beef from Trader Joe’s.

Serving Tip

While the meatloaf is in the oven make a yummy potato side dish. Try Dairy Free Skinny Mashed Potatoes, Fingerling Roasted Potatoes or Skinny Fries.

Weight Watchers SmartPoints 4 if bread crumbs made with Weight Watchers whole wheat bread.
Weight Watchers SmartPoints
Weight Watchers Points Plus
Weight Watchers (old points) 4

SKINNY FACTS: for 2 slices
214 calories, 5g fat, 1.6g sat. fat, 48mg chol, 23g protein, 20g carbs, 2g fiber, 487mg sodium, 8g sugar
FAT FACTS: for Stouffers Meatloaf Homestyle
390 calories, 21g fat, 22g protein, 8g carbs, 3g fiber, 840mg sodium, 4g sugar

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56 Responses to “Skinny Meatloaf”

  1. Judi Welke Says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I made the Skinny Meatloaf for dinner tonight. It smelled so good as it cooked, my husband kept coming into the kitchen to see when it would be done! He almost couldn’t wait while it rested for the 10 minutes! Anyway it was so good…..comfort food at its finest. Thank you so very much.

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks so much for the great feedback Judi. I’m so happy you and your husband enjoy the meatloaf. The leftovers make great sandwiches too!
    Best wishes,

  3. Tamara Says:

    Nancy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you see those exclamation points. They are so for you and this meat loaf rocks, My husband and two boys loooooooooooooooveeeeeeeeeeeed it. Thanks for what you do so I can stay fit and still eat tasty recipes. Please please please get on fb ! Or are you ? lol ok im done talking 😉

  4. admin Says:

    What a fantastic review Tamara! I’m so happy your family enjoyed this meatloaf recipe. Next time they might love even more my favorite recipe, Comfort Food at it’s Best…Barbecue Turkey Meatloaf-Here’s the link or look on my site site under Dinner-

    And yes, I’d love for you to join me on

    Thanks again for sharing your comments. Best, Nancy

  5. Mandy Says:

    If I made these in a muffin pan would that equal about 1 serving? I’m terrible when it comes to dividing things up into servings & a muffin pan would be so easy!

  6. admin Says:

    Mandy, this meatloaf normally makes 10 slices, 2 slices per serving. If you want to make it in a muffin tin, I’d probably make 10 muffins and serve 2 per serving. But, I’ve never done it before. If you make it this way, I’d love to hear how it turned out. Good luck!

  7. Ashley Says:

    I made this 4 days ago for my family and they’re already asking for it again! I substituted ground turkey for the beef and used prepackaged breadcrumbs (1/2 cup) and it was a huge hit. My 15yo stepson said “Don’t tell my mom but this is much better than hers!” lol.

  8. admin Says:

    So cute! Thanks for sharing Ashley. I’m so glad they all loved it. Next time you might want to try my recipe for Barbecued Turkey meatloaf. It’s my family’s all time favorite meatloaf!

  9. Jenna Says:

    This was a good base recipe. I kind of winged it in terms of how much meat I used and only used one egg vs two eggs whites due to not having enough (whoops!).
    It turned out pretty good, I think it could use more breadcrumbs though, I used 1 and a half slices of rye bread in the food processor. Next time I will probably add more onion and some celery to extra texture. Also, would leave some bread chunks vs just the bread puree too.
    Make sure you bake the full time!
    Thank you

  10. admin Says:

    Thanks Jenna. I’m so happy it worked for you!

  11. Kristi Rimkus Says:

    My mom used to make the best meatloaf. This brings back happy memories. I haven’t made meatloaf in a long time. I love your skinnier version.

  12. Quick and Easy Meatloaf Says:

    […] I went on a hunt through Mom’s archives and found a half complete meatloaf recipe. I then merged it with a recipe I recently read from the blog Skinny Kitchen. […]

  13. admin Says:

    Shari, you did a great job putting together my skinny meatloaf recipe and your moms! Yours looks super yummy!
    With my best wishes,

  14. Alicia Says:

    This was great. I just discovered your website and I’m loving your recipes, everything sounds delicious and easy to cook for a lazy cook like Thanks so much and I’ve liked your page on Facebook so I can keep up on your new recipes! :)

  15. admin Says:

    Wonderful Alicia…I’m so happy you found my site. Have fun skinny cooking!
    All the best,

  16. Jennifer Says:

    Hi Nancy – I’ve just started cooking recipes and I love it! They are quick and easy for working moms, and I love that you include the weight watchers points….since I’m just a few pounds from my goal weight. Thanks so much. Keep up the great work!

  17. admin Says:

    Wonderful Jennifer…I’m so happy you are enjoying my recipes!
    Congratulations on your weight loss.
    Keep up the great work!
    Have fun skinny cooking,

  18. Irma Says:

    What a meal, made the potatoes too. All for 8 points. One question, how can I make this great meatloaf less crumbling. Love it.

  19. Megan Says:

    Omg…so delicious. I took the onions out, and used Italian bread crumbs from a box, but this was delicious! Even my two very picky boys loved it and asked for seconds. Thank you so much!

  20. admin Says:

    Wow Megan…When the kids ask for seconds you know it’s a hit. Thanks so much for your terrific feedback.
    With my very best wishes,

  21. Carla Says:

    My family had no idea I was feeding them one my “healthy stuff” recipes that they like to whine about. This has permanently replaced my old meatloaf recipe!! I did use 80/20 one night because it’s what was on hand and needed to be used up…that didn’t go so well. I tasted BETTER and cooked up nicer using the leaner GB called for.

  22. admin Says:

    Thanks for sharing such great news Carla. It’s so nice when the entire family enjoys the dinner you make.Yahoo!

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  24. Carol Cassara Says:

    I’m not a big meatloaf fan, but my husband, is. You’re batting 1000 with me on recipes, so I’ll give this one a try, too!

  25. admin Says:

    So sweet Carol. Thank you. I hope you BOTH enjoy this meatloaf!

  26. Diane Balch Says:

    This sounds fantastic. Really classic flavors and simple to put together. Thanks for sharing it with us on foodie friday.

  27. admin Says:

    Another wonderful link party Diane. Many thanks for hosting!

  28. Miz Helen Says:

    We love Meatloaf and you recipe looks delicious! Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday. Have a great week and come back soon!
    Miz Helen

  29. admin Says:

    Thanks so much Miz Helen. I can’t wait to share again next week!

  30. Debbie Says:

    This is one of my favorite meatloaf recipes. I love that it is so tasty and low fat. The ketchup and brown sugar sauce makes the perfect topping.

  31. admin Says:

    I’m so happy you love this meatloaf Debbie. Thanks for letting me know.
    All the best,

  32. Wieczora (◔‿◔) Says:

    Oh, that looks delicious.
    Now I also get hungry.
    Happy Evening, Wieczora (◔‿◔) | my photo blog

  33. admin Says:


  34. kazi Says:

    Now that looks awesome . I bet that would be tasty , too. :)

  35. Mika Says:

    Im already salivating! Great meatloaf healthy recipe!

    Coming from Mix it up Monday! Visit me on my blog!

  36. admin Says:

    Thanks for stopping by Mika!

  37. Comfort Food Dinner | Front Porch Bliss Says:

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  38. admin Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing my Skinny Meatloaf recipe. Your photo looks great!
    All the best,

  39. Eileen Says:

    Skinny meatloaf is awesome… Husband and I loved it and it will become a regular here. Not only is it delicious, it smells wonderful!! The entire house smelled glorious for hours. Lol

  40. admin Says:

    I love your feedback Eileen! Thanks for letting me know.
    Have fun skinny cooking!
    My best,

  41. Tina Says:

    Like Always, this recipe look so delicious!!!!

  42. admin Says:

    Thanks a bunch Tina!

  43. Tiffany Says:

    Is there any reason not to double it so it will fit in a standard loaf pan?

  44. admin Says:

    I like to free form my meatloaf. If you bake it in a loaf, all the fat stays in the meatloaf. If you free form it on a baking pan, the excess fat oozes onto the pan. It’s so much healthier that way Tiffany! :)

  45. tiffany Says:

    You’re right! Luckily I have the kind that drains the fat to the bottom and you lift out the loaf. By the way we made it tonight and it was great :)

  46. admin Says:

    Thanks for your yummy feedback Tiffany! I’ve got to check out the pan you used. Sounds great!
    My best,

  47. Tiffany Says:

    Thanks for the great recipe. I plan to use it throughout my WW journey. BTW here is the meatloaf pan if you really are interested?

  48. admin Says:

    Thanks for sharing the link Tiffany. Best of luck on your journey! :)

  49. Debi @ Life Currents Says:

    sometimes I make meatloaf for my husband or for a family dinner. This looks like the next recipe I’ll make.

  50. Skinny Meatloaf | Dine Decorate Design Says:

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  51. Christy Says:

    It’s hard to find healthy foods my husband will wear but this one’s a WINNER!!!
    I use grass fed beef & add chopped green & red peppers in mine. (I’ve made it about 8 times now)
    I was just wondering can I prep it the day before? Will it keep in the fridge for 24hrs?

  52. admin Says:

    I so delighted to hear your feedback Christy. You could prep it the day before. Since it will all be chilled, you might need to bake it a few minutes longer.
    All the best,

  53. The Better Baker Says:

    My mouth waters at the sight of meatloaf…it’s a favorite, and yours looks SO good. Thanks for sharing with us at Weekend Potluck. Have a delicious weekend Friend. XO

  54. admin Says:

    Thanks so much Marsha. xo

  55. Megann Says:

    I just put this meatloaf in my oven and it already smells heavenly!! I’m so excited to try it tonight and so is my family!

  56. admin Says:

    I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your dinner Megann!
    My best,

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