Skinny Chicken, Vegetable and Stuffing Casserole


The hearty flavors of fall in this wonderful, comfort food casserole. It’s chock full of chicken, vegetables and stuffing along with other dreamy, skinny ingredients. Enjoy this main course dish for dinner any day of the week. It freezes great too! Each main course serving has 270 calories, 7 grams of fat and 6 Weight Watchers FreeStyle SmartPoints.

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 40 minutes


1 (6 ounce) package of boxed cornbread stuffing mix (I used Mrs. Cubbison’s) see shopping tips

⅓ cup reduced-fat butter, melted

3 cups of zucchini, diced

3 cups mushrooms, sliced

1 cup onions, chopped

1 tablespoon reduced-fat butter or Smart Balance Light

2 cups cooked chicken, chopped

1 (10 ¾ ounce) can Campbell’s Healthy Request Cream of Chicken Soup

1 cup fat-free sour cream or nonfat plain Greek yogurt

1 cup fat-free cottage cheese

1 teaspoon dried sage

Black pepper, to taste


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Coat a 13 x 9 inch baking pan or glass pan with cooking spray.

2. In an extra large bowl, combine stuffing mix and ⅓ melted butter. Set aside ½ cup of mixture for topping.

3. In a microwave safe large bowl, add zucchini, mushrooms and onions and 1 tablespoon butter. Cook in microwave for 2 minutes to soften vegetables.

3. Add cooked veggies to the large bowl of stuffing mixture. Stir in cooked chicken, soup, sour cream, cottage cheese, sage and pepper. Mix until completely combined.

4. Place stuffing mixture into baking pan and spread out evenly. Sprinkle reserved ½ cup stuffing mix on top. Bake uncovered for about 45 minutes until golden brown.

5. Cool slightly and cut into 8 slices. This casserole freezes great!

Makes 8 servings

Shopping Tip

I used Mrs. Cubbison’s Corn bread Stuffing. The box contains 2 (6 ounce) bags. You’ll only need 1 bag for this casserole. Stove Top dry stuffing works for this recipe as well.

Weight WatchersFreeStyle SmartPoints
Weight Watchers SmartPoints
Weight Watchers POINTS PLUS

SKINNY FACTS: for 1 serving
270 calories, 7g fat, 2g sat. fat, 34mg chol, 20g prot, 31g carbs, 5g fiber, 640mg sod, 5g sugar
FACTS: for FreeStyle SmartPoints
192 calories, 2g sat. fat, 8g protein, 6g sugar


If you make this recipe, let me know how you liked it. Leave me a comment below or give it a rating. Thanks so much. Happy Skinny Cooking!