Low Calorie Chicken and Spinach Crepes

Simple to make and decadently delicious! What a great way to use up leftover chicken. These crepes come together rather quickly because I’m using store-bought prepared crepes, jarred Alfredo sauce and cooked chicken. Each very satisfying crepe has 221 calories, 9 grams of fat and 7 Blue WW Freestyle Points, and 7 Green.

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Bake Time: 15 minutes


1½ teaspoons olive oil

1½ teaspoons garlic, minced

4 cups (lightly packed) baby spinach leaves or 2-3 cups frozen & thawed spinach leaves, chopped

1 cup onions, chopped

1 (15 oz) jar Classico Creamy Alfredo Sauce or Classico Roasted Garlic Alfredo Sauce, see shopping tips

1½ cups cooked chicken, diced or shredded

4 premade crepes, I used Melissa’s ready to use crepes, see shopping tips

½ cup light mozzarella, shredded

4 teaspoons Parmesan cheese, grated

Chives or scallions, chopped, for garnish


1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Coat a 9 x 9-inch baking pan with cooking spray.

2. Heat oil in a medium, nonstick pan over medium-high. Add garlic and cook for 1 minute. Add spinach and stir until wilted. If using frozen, defrost and squeeze out liquid before adding to the pan. Transfer to a work surface, chop and set aside.

3. Cook onions in the microwave for 1 minute, to soften. 

4. In a mixing bowl,  combine 1 cup Alfredo sauce with chicken, spinach, and onions. Working with one crepe at a time, place each on a work surface. Spread a generous ½ cup chicken mixture down center of a crepe. Spread across the middle of the crepe. Roll into a cylinder. Transfer, seam-side down, to baking dish. Assemble the remaining 3 crepes and add to the baking dish. Spoon 2 tablespoons Alfredo sauce on top of each and sprinkle each with 2 tablespoons mozzarella cheese. Finally, sprinkle each with 1 teaspoon Parmesan cheese.

5. Bake, uncovered, for about 15 minutes until hot and cheese is melted. Remove from the oven and let cool slightly. Sprinkle with chives or scallions, if desired.

Makes 4 servings. Each serving 1 crepe.

Shopping Tips
Melissa’s ready to use crepes are sold in most supermarkets. They can be found in the produce section. This recipe makes enough filling for 4 stuffed crepes. A package of Melissa’s crepes contains 10 of them. Since you’re only using 4 for this recipe, freeze the remaining package just the way it is. There are other brands such as Frieda’s. Plus I’ve seen some at Cost Plus World Market.

If you are a garlic lover, like I am, try using Classico Roasted Garlic Alfredo Sauce for this recipe. That’s what I used…It’s so garlicky good!

WW Freestyle SmartPoints 7 Blue
WW SmartPoints 7Green

SKINNY FACTS: for 1 crepe
221 calories, 9g fat, 5g sat, fat, 48mg chol, 18g protein, 16g carbs, 1g fiber, 934mg sod, 6g sugar
FACTS: for Freestyle Points
162 calories, 5g sat. fat, 5g protein, 6g sugar


  1. It says to cook onions in the microwave, but they are not listed in the ingredients. Just the garnish scallions .
    How much onion do I add ?

  2. I made these last night , not knowing how much onion to use . But we love onions , so I added about a cup .I had about 2 cups of leftover turkey and used that , instead of chicken . I also added milk to the Alfredo sauce, so that it would be thinner, as I made some very thin homemade crepes , which made 12 . Plenty of filling for them . Nancy , these were delicious .

If you make this recipe, let me know how you liked it. Leave me a comment below or give it a rating. Thanks so much. Happy Skinny Cooking!