Think Outside the Caesar Salad Bowl!

Think Outside the Caesar Salad Bowl with These Yummy Caesar Recipes
Are you a Caesar salad fan? I know I sure am! If you are, check out these delicious, Caesar salad-inspired recipes. Who says you can only enjoy the sensational flavors of a Caesar salad the traditional way? Not me… I’m sharing a recipe for Caesar stuffed pasta shells, Caesar asparagus, Caesar green beans, and Caesar salad on a stick. Plus a super low-calorie homemade Caesar dressing I know you’ll love. But any one of these recipes will work great using a store-bought light bottled dressing if you don’t want to make your own. Have fun with these!

Skinny Caesar Salad Dressing



Super Low Calorie Caesar Salad on a Stick



Caesar Asparagus, Low Calorie, Big on Deliciousness

Super Easy, Low Calorie Chicken Caesar Salad Stuffed Shells


Skinny Potato Salad, Caesar Style


Skinny Green Beens, Caesar-Style


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