I Love GH Cretors Gourmet Popcorn and You Will Too!

Are you looking for a last minute gift to give this holiday season? Send some gourmet flavored popcorn from GH Cretors. Their family has been perfecting the art of popping corn since 1885, when Great Grandpa Cretors invented the popcorn machine.  And it’s not the typical flavored popcorn. It’s healthier than most!!!  GH Cretors uses brown rice syrup (instead of corn syrup) when popping. Besides the fact that brown rice syrup has a wonderful crisp sweetness, unlike refined sugars, it has a low glycemic value. This means that it doesn’t cause a sudden spike in blood pressure or a sugar “high” after it’s consumed. In addition, they don’t add any artificial colors or flavors to their popcorn to make it taste good.  It’s all natural and amazingly delicious!

You’ll love all the flavors- Cheese, Carmel Corn, Kettle Corn, Carmel Nut and my all time favorite, Chicago Mix. The Chicago Mix is a combination of Caramel Corn and Aged Cheese Corn. It’s sooo good!!!

Tomorrow, December 21st is the last day to order for Christmas. But, this line of popcorn is so yummy you might want to order it for your family to enjoy all year around!

To order click here: http://www.ghcretors.com

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