How Friends Make You Healthier

The friends in my life have always been very important to me. I feel so lucky to have them. I do include in my friends, my very best friend, my husband and my 2 longest friends, my mom and sister. But, when just talking about girlfriends, my 3 very best friends, Lerena, Shelly and Traci, have been in my life since childhood. We’ve shared so much together over the years. There is something about a childhood friend that can’t be replaced, don’t you think?  So many of my other friends I’ve met over the years in a variety of places such as, mommy and me classes, moms of my kids friends and neighbors. In the last few years, in the small town where I live, I’ve met a wonderful group of girlfriends. We get together every month for dinner. Sometimes we meet at a restaurant and other times we go to one of our houses. We spend about 3 hours together, eating, drinking and laughing until our cheeks hurt. Who knew having friends would also be good for your health! Here’s an insightful article from Health Magazine…

From Health magazine

Socialize for your health’s sake

One of the best kept secrets to good health and a long life? Having a robust social network that includes relatives, friends, and other relationships. These are just a few of the reasons why you should prioritize your family and pals.

You’ll be less likely to get sick

In one well-known study, folks with more diverse social connections were less susceptible to colds than those who were socially isolated.

You may sleep better

Being lonely leads to restless sleep, a University of Chicago study suggests: The lonelier you are, the more you toss and turn.

You’ll stay sharper

Having strong social support may cut your risk of cognitive decline, according to several studies.

You could live longer

People with stronger social connections were 50% more likely to live longer than those with weaker connections, a 2010 analysis found. That makes the impact of friendlessness comparable to that of smoking.

Are friends a big part of your life? Do you have something special you and your friends like to do together? Please share. I’d love to hear…

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