Finally, Come Check Out My New Kitchen-Part 4

Hi Everyone,
Here’s part 4 of My Kitchen Renovation-The reveal. Yay…It’s finally here. I’m sharing my new kitchen! As you’ll see, I’m beyond happy!!! I’m excited to share it with you. As always, I welcome any questions or comments.
My very best wishes,


  1. WOW you have a beautiful home, and that new kitchen……all I can say is I am jealous! ha
    Truly happy for you and I love the view out of your big kitchen window.

    I love your recipes, the taste is always “so good” and I’m very happy to have found you and using your recipes helps me stay on track and enjoy the food so much. U love you figuring out the points, makes it so easy for me.

    Congratulations on the project turning out to exceed your dreams. I’m sure baking and cooking now will be more fun and exciting for you.

  2. Margie, you are the sweetest. Thanks so much! Since I love creating recipes and I’m always in the kitchen, it’s even more fun spending time in my new dream kitchen! Now I don’t even mind clean-up!
    All the best,

  3. Oh Nancy – I am ecstatic for the marvelous changes to your work and living area in your kitchen. I smiled all the way through it, trying to imagine just how AWESOME it would be to have all those gorgeous things to make life easier, and more fun, as you prepare dishes! I love it all – the quiet closing drawers…having your spices at hand…the huge refrigerator…my oh my! And it was a thrill to get to hear your voice and see you ‘in person’. No doubt you will enjoy yourself silly! Now when I see one of your recipes, I’ll be thinking of you in that one of a kind kitchen, made just for you. Thrilled for you Dear. XO

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