Skinny Tip of the Day

Want to eat healthy food?  “Don’t eat out” says an 18 month long study done by the Rand Corp. It examined the nutritional content of 30,923 menu items from 254 restaurant brands across the USA.  A whopping 96% of main entrees exceed daily limits for calories, fat and sodium.  The USDA recommended limits were used to measure against these dishes.  They recommend no more than 667 calories, 35% of calories from fat, 10% of calories from saturated fat and 767mg of sodium.  It’s really not possible to never eat out but try to eat out less often.  Good news too.  If you’ve been joining me on Skinny Kitchen you already know there’s a wide variety of yummy, easy to make, skinny recipes right here.  Almost all of my recipes not only meet the USDA guidelines, happily they are way, way under these recommended numbers!

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