How Skinny Kitchen’s Print Button Works

Last year I shared this post about how the print works on Skinny Kitchen. So many of you are new to my site, so I thought it would help if I posted this again.

I have spent many hours, investigating my current print button, and looking into alternative options. It is clear that the current option does work, and I haven’t yet found anything that I believe would be an improvement. I will continue to investigate new options as they come to light, but know that this current button is at this time the best available option for my WordPress site.

 I’d like to take a moment to walk you though the print process, and explain the print button’s functionality.
1. When you visit a recipe on you will see a green print button to the upper left of the recipe photo. This button links to a wordpress plugin, which was designed by a company called Print Friendly, and has been installed on my website. Clicking on the print button opens a window like the one shown below.
2. The beauty of this Print Friendly button, is that it allows you to remove any page content that you may not want or need to print, such as the photo, for example. This allows you to save paper and ink, which I think is a pretty nice perk! Simply click on any content you would like to remove. Once you have the page ready to print, just hit the button in the upper lefthand corner. You will see a screen that looks something like the one below.
Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 10.41.33 AM
3. Here you can verify your print settings before clicking the blue print button. You will then see a success message like the one below.
4. This is where some visitors to my site have expressed concern. Print Friendly has recently decided to monetize their plugin, by including two ads in their print confirmation page. However, if you’ll notice the area I have highlighted at the top of the page, you still see a message that shows that your page has been sent to your printer. If your computer is correctly connected to your printer, the recipe will print.
If the recipe does not print at this point, your computer and printer are not properly connected, and need to be troubleshot.

While ads can be distracting, those two ads enable the programmers of this plugin to be paid for their work, which is something we all deserve!

I sure hope this post helps you!

All the best,

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