Skinny Greek-Style Meatballs over Whole Wheat Couscous

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Wonderful, flavorful, Greek-style turkey meatballs… A delicious change from Italian meatballs over spaghetti!  Adding fat-free feta cheese, scallions and oregano help create the lovely Greek flavors. These skinny meatballs are baked first then topped with a jar of pasta sauce that’s a bit doctored up. Its fiber-rich since served over whole wheat couscous. Each serving, including couscous, has 312 calories, 3 grams of fat, and 7 Blue WW Freestyle SmartPoints, and 8 Green.

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Bake and Cook Time: 20 minutes


1½ slices multigrain or whole wheat bread (for bread crumbs) or ¾ cup bread crumbs, I used Milton’s Multi-Grain bread

¼ cup fat-free milk

¼ cup fat-free feta cheese, crumbled, see shopping tips

½ cup scallions, minced

½ teaspoons salt

2 teaspoons dried oregano

1 egg, lightly beaten, I like using Egg-Land’s Best eggs

1 pound 99% fat-free ground turkey breast

Cooking spray

1 tablespoon garlic, minced

¼ teaspoon red pepper flakes

1 (24 oz) jar pasta sauce, I like using Prego’s Traditional Pasta, Prego’s Roasted Garlic & Herb or use your favorite

Fresh ground black pepper, to taste

1 cup whole wheat couscous, see shopping tips

1 cup water

Ingredients for Topping:

6 tablespoons fat-free feta cheese


1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Line a baking sheet with foil and coat with cooking spray.

2. To make bread crumbs: Toast 1½ slices of bread. Keep the crust on, add to blender or food processor and pulse into crumbs. Or, use ¾ cup store-bought bread crumbs.

3. In a large bowl, add bread crumbs, milk, feta cheese, scallions, salt, oregano, and egg. Mix well. Stir in ground turkey and mix well. Shape mixture into balls using 1 rounded tablespoon of turkey mixture. Place on baking sheet. You should have 24 meatballs. Bake in oven for 15 minutes until browned and cooked through.

4. To make the sauce while the meatballs are baking: Coat a medium-size pot with cooking spray. Add garlic and red pepper flakes and sauté for 1 minute. Sir in pasta sauce and heat. When meatballs are ready, carefully add them to pasta sauce. Simmer for 5 minutes.

5. To make couscous: In a small saucepan, bring 1 cup of water to a boil. Remove from heat and stir in 1 cup couscous. Cover and let sit 5 minutes until all water is absorbed.

6. To Serve: Spoon in each bowl or plate ½ cup couscous. Top couscous with 4 meatballs and about ⅓ cup sauce. Sprinkle the top of each serving with 1 tablespoon feta cheese.

7. This dish freezes great. Pack in individual serving containers. Place couscous on the bottom. Top with meatballs, sauce, and feta cheese.

Makes 6 servings (each serving, ½ cup couscous, 4 meatballs, about ⅓ cup sauce, and 1 tablespoon feta cheese)

Healthy Benefits

Whole wheat couscous (tiny pasta) is loaded with fiber. In fact, 1 cup cooked of whole wheat couscous has 7 grams of fiber. Whole wheat couscous derives from the whole grains of durum flour.

Shopping Tips

Most supermarkets sell whole wheat couscous. You’ll find it usually in the rice aisle. I bought mine at Trader Joe’s.

Fat-free feta cheese is sold in most supermarkets. It’s usually displayed in the cheese aisle or gourmet cheese section. I found it at Trader Joe’s.

WW Freestyle SmartPoints
WW SmartPoints 8-Green

SKINNY FACTS: for 1 serving (4 meatballs, ½ cup couscous, ⅓ cup sauce, and 1 T feta cheese)
312 calories, 3g fat, 0g sat. fat, 0mg chol, 30g protein, 41g carbs, 7g fiber, 599mg sodium, 12g sugar
FACTS: for Freestyle SmartPoints
215 calories, 0g sat. fat, 10g protein, 12g sugar


If you make this recipe, let me know how you liked it. Leave me a comment below or give it a rating. Thanks so much. Happy Skinny Cooking!