Reviewing Meal Delivery Services. Are They for You?

If you’re on Skinny Kitchen, I already know you care about eating fresh, home-cooked meals, right?  I do too. I love to come up with new recipes for my family and share them with you. But, you may be a working person or have a busy family. This may not leave a lot of time for you to shop each week, figure out what you are going to make and then prep your meal. A good home delivery meal service might just solve your problems!

Have you seen the ads for these meal home delivery services? They deliver everywhere and come in two basic varieties: Those offering meals that are completely pre-made and those that have pre-measured fresh ingredients and deliver them to you with recipes. The ones that appeal to me are the latter – meal-kit-delivery-services, where each week you pick several meals from an ever-changing list of choices on the company’s website. Then a few days later, a box packed with chilled, pre-measured fresh ingredients and detailed instructions, arrives on your doorstep.

It’s a trend that began in 2012, and then took off. These services are now a $400 million market that’s projected to increase tenfold in the next five years, Today there are more than 100 meal delivery services in the U.S. and new ones are springing up all the time.

But with so many of these companies available, how do you choose the best one for your needs? I first studied internet reviews. And one stood out with strongly favorable reviews. It’s called Sun Basket, and it really appeals to me . It was started in 2014 by award winning chef, Justine Kelly. Chef Kelly and her team painstakingly creates every single recipe and meal. Sun Basket charges $11.49 per serving. The minimum number of meals required get delivery is three. And shipping is free! Each individual meal has two servings, so if you’re just ordering for yourself, you’ll actually have two meals for every one ordered.

The Best Things About Sun Basket:                            

*100% organic ingredients and non-GMO ingredients

*Recipes are easy to follow and easy to make.

* All ingredients are pre-measured and meals are portion controlled.

* They offer different dietary meal options such as Paleo, Gluten-free,

   Vegetarian, and Breakfast options

*  Meals are healthy and typically contain 500-800 calories.


Sun Basket offers innovated, restaurant quality, delectable recipes, as shown in the photos above. Imagine meals such as, Steak and Eggs with Tomato-Cauliflower Rice, Thai Turkey Lettuce Cups, Fish Tacos with Avocado, Baja Cucumber Salad, and Mint-Yogurt Sauce, Harissa-Rubbed Chicken with Seared Romaine and Artichoke Tapenade and Spaghetti with Shrimp, Fennel, Tomatoes, and Olives. Mmm…Are you salivating yet?

Since I haven’t tried Sun Basket, I’m sharing a fantastic and very thorough review written by Reviewing This. Com. Their review explains exactly how Sun Basket works and can probably answer any questions you might have.  Check it out! Sun Basket Review.

Plus, in their review, they offer 3 free meal coupons!

Reviewing This. Com is how I originally found out about Sun Basket. Their website is filled with fabulous product reviews. With every product they’re interested in purchasing, they share their opinion on the product. The products are across all different industries, and from different companies. No bias. Just there to provide readers with the hard truth. It’s a wonderfully, helpful resource worth checking out!


Bottom line on Meal Delivery Services, such as Sun Basket. They might be the perfect solution for you and your family! Maybe not all the time but certainly during those hectic times throughout year.

This is a sponsored post for Reviewing This. 

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