Meeting a Food Blogging Friend in Athens, Greece

One of the best things about Skinny Kitchen is sharing recipes with my foodie friends! I love creating recipes, but it really warms my heart to hear that you enjoy them. What I didn’t realize is that I’d be meeting so many other bloggers that are as passionate as I am. Many of us have become dear friends, even though we’re never met. I guess it’s a kinship we share. We seem to speak the same language. We all work countless hours creating recipes and sharing them on our sites.

Which brings me to why I’m sharing this post. Presently I’m traveling in Greece with my amazing husband, my husband’s brother, whom I adore and my wonderful mom. My husband and I started our adventure a few weeks ago traveling in Croatia. After that we met my mom and brother-in-law in Athens.

While there I got in touch with a blogging friend from Athens, Katerina Delidimou, who I’ve known through blogging for years, and whose gorgeous recipes have always impressed me. We decided to meet for an early dinner, and we all loved our time getting to know Katerina. She’s such a beautiful, talented, smart, funny lady, and meeting her was the highlight of our trip!

And now I’d like you to meet her too. The name of her food blog is Culinary Flavors. She creates authentic Greek and Mediterranean flavors directly from Athens. She includes her recipes in both English and Greek. Her food looks amazingly delicious, using fresh ingredients and most are easy to make.

Here’s a very popular recipe from here site:
Chicken Pockets Stuffed with Feta and Yogurt

I hope you’ll stop by and check out her website, Culinary Flavors. Also, you can join her on Facebook: Culinary Flavors.

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