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We are thrilled that you are joining us. You are in for a real treat because Skinny Kitchen is simply about making small skinny changes in your cooking to gain huge results.

Our recipes are not hard core diet food. It’s important to us that our recipes taste as close to the high fat versions but with a lot less calories and fat. We have found that just making skinny substitutions- adding less fat, calories, and sodium to your everyday cooking can transform the way you look and feel. This kind of skinny tweaking is more likely to have lasting results.

We’re going to bring you great tasting recipes, their healthy benefits, as well as full nutritionals and comparisons to their fat counterparts. In addition, we’ll be posting cooking and kitchen tips, food finds, and many interesting stories about the joy of cooking, and eating.

You’ll be delighted with the huge calorie and fat savings when you make these delicious recipes the Skinny Kitchen way. We’d like to invite you to join in the conversation via our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/skinnykitchen and check in with us here regularly to reap the benefits that good food can bring to you and your family. Our goal at Skinny Kitchen is to put the fun, and great taste, back into cooking while you get skinny in the bargain.

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