Big Changes on Facebook!

Beginning March 12th, Facebook is making changes that you may not be aware of or be happy with. I know i’m not happy with what Facebook is doing!  If you’ve been busy and haven’t been active on my page for awhile, they are omitting my SkinnyKitchen page from your choices. So if you want to continue to see my recipes on Facebook, please take a moment and do the following:

1. “C o m m e n t” and/or “L i k e” the post. (That will keep you active on my page).

2. Be sure that you’ve not only “Liked” SkinnyKitchen page, but also that you’ve clicked “Get Notifications”. You’ll find that option in the drop-down menu under the “Liked” button.

Here is the link to SkinnyKitchen Facebook:

Thank you all so much!!! Be sure to stay active on all your favorite pages or they’ll start disappearing!  

With my very best regards,


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