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Welcome to Skinny Kitchen. I’m so glad you found my site! So many of you are new and even more of you have been using my recipes for years. Last year I updated Skinny Kitchen, with a brand new look. It now has some fantastic features. My goal was to make it more user-friendly and easy to navigate around to find recipes. But…Many of you are still not getting the full benefits. Here are some tips and tricks for using my site. 

Print Button: A Look for the printer icon, above the photo of each recipe. Click on it, to print any recipe without the image, ads, comments, etc.

Recipe Index: located at the top bar, you can find all the recipes in categories. Click on, Recipe Index, to view all the categories.

Featured Recipes: These are the 6 latest recipes that have been featured. They rotate daily as I add a new featured recipe each day.

Popular Recipes: These are the 6 must-try recipes on Skinny Kitchen. Maybe you’re already enjoying them. If you are new to my site, you can’t go wrong with any of these.

Recent Recipes: These include the most recent recipes after they move from the featured section.

Skinny Kitchen Best of 2017: If you’re new to my site, You can’t go wrong with trying my top 10 recipes of 2017!

Photo Sliders: I’ve included the most popular sections on Skinny Kitchen right now. Although there are many recipes in these categories not shown, you can preview 6 from each section. Be sure to scroll way down on the home page to see these categories. If you want to see more, scroll up to the Recipe Index at the top of each page.

Get the Latest Recipes and Tips delivered Right to Your Inbox: Look for this box to sign up for the daily email. It’s located right under, Featured Recipes. If you haven’t signed up for my daily recipe email, I hope you sign up! If you’ve already signed up but are no longer getting the daily emails, please enter your email address again!

Skinny Kitchen Meal Plan App: Get back on track and lose weight with Skinny Kitchen Meal Plan App. It was introduced over a year ago and many of you have had get success. Get customized Skinny meal plans – one for each day of the week. Each includes nutrition facts, WeightWatchers points, an organized grocery list and hundreds of recipes.

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Have Fun Skinny Cooking!

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  1. Your recipes are awesome, super delicious, and work great with WW. I have a question. Your recipes show the skinny nutrition facts, but show different listings under facts for WW Freestyle. What is the reason for that? Wouldn’t the calories, fat, etc. be the same regardless of whether someone is following WW Freestyle or just making the skinny recipe?

  2. Thanks so much for joining me on Skinny Kitchen Renee. I’m delighted you are enjoying my recipes! Since my site is not just for people on WW, it’s important that I include both the Skinny Facts and the Freestyle Facts. The skinny facts are the complete nutritional without zero point foods subtracted out. And since there are over 200, zero point foods on Freestyle, these nutritional numbers will be much lower.
    I hope this helps.

    All the best,

  3. I’m so happy you are enjoying my recipes Renee. Thank you. Since my site is not a WW site, I need to also include the Skinny Facts (complete nutritionals) for each recipe. Happily with WW Freestyle, there are over 200 ingredients that can be subtracted out of the Skinny Facts. That’s why with many recipes these numbers differ like calories, fat and such. I hope this answers your question.
    With my very best wishes,

  4. Hi, Nancy. Is there a reason why you list green and blue plan points, but not purple? Just curious!

    Thank you!

  5. Yes Jamie, there’s a very good reason. For all these years I’ve used a different program than WW to input all of my recipes so I can do the nutrition facts and points.

    I have hundreds of recipes and don’t have the time to input them into WW to make the calculations for the purple plan. Maybe in the future.

    My best wishes,


  6. I just want to say – THANK YOU for putting these awesome recipes out into the world! They are so wonderful and help me plan my weight watcher meals!

  7. What a lovely message. Thank you! I’m so glad you are enjoying my recipes.
    All the best,

  8. If you join your weight loss plan, can you tailor the recipes to exclude foods you do not want

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