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Panda Express Egg Rolls Made Skinny

I must admit, I love the chicken egg rolls at Panda Express. I don't eat them very often because they are deep fried.  Happily, I've created a skinny recipe I...

Skinny Thai Peanut Chicken Soup

If any of you are a bit hesitant because of the peanut butter in this soup, don’t be! It’s amazingly delicious!!! The peanut butter is not overwhelming, but...

4 Skinnyfabulous Thai Dishes

Are you in the mood for Thai food? I've got you covered! I'm sharing 4 absolutely fantastic, skinny recipes. All include the addition of yummy peanut butter. ...

Skinnyfied Chicken Pad Thai

Look on the menu of any Thai restaurant and you’ll see Pad Thai.  It’s Thailand’s most well known noodle dish.  It’s typically made with cooked rice noodles, ...