Skinny Kitchen Weight Loss Meal Plan Now Available as an App or Email Subscription!


Hi Everyone,

Good news...Skinny Kitchen Weight Loss Meal Plan is now available in PDF format. What does that mean? It means that now even if you don’t have a smartphone, you can get Skinny Meal Plans too! So many of you wanted to sign up for the new app but didn’t have a smartphone. We listened and decided to create this email version for you!

The plans include breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack balanced for Weight Watcher’s Points Plus (Smart Points coming soon!) for every day of the week. They also come with a handy shopping list, ordered by category, to make shopping easy. Plus, there’s a plan summary chart to see at a glance what’s on the menu for the week.
You’ll receive plans in your inbox every Wednesday for the following week (plans run Sunday – Saturday), so you’ll have plenty of time to shop ahead for everything you’ll need. In addition, we’ll send you an awesome “Skinny Snacks” reference guide. It includes 70+ snack ideas that you can add to your day, if you’re hungry, and have extra WW points.

Reap the benefits that delicious, healthy food can bring to you and your family. Try either this NEW PDF email plan or the app for Skinny Kitchen Weight Loss Meal Plan and change your health while making exciting and appetizing recipes everyday.

Here’s to a simple way to stay on track and eat delicious, skinny meals all week long.

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