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Chicken Pot Pie, Skinny-fied

Chicken pot pie is considered the ultimate comfort food!  It's a savory pie filled with a luxurious chicken stew. One big problem-it’s actually one of the...

Top 10 Favorite Recipes of 2019

Happy New Year Everyone! It’s that time of year where I share the top 10 recipes from this year. It’s always so tough to choose what makes the list. This y...

Top 10 Favorite Recipes of 2015

Start the New Year off right with these 10 skinny recipes. These were all tremendously popular on Skinny Kitchen in 2015. Happily, they all include the new ...

6 Easy, Skinny Chicken Breast Recipes

Boneless, skinless chicken breast seem to dominate the chicken section of most supermarkets. No wonder...They are so easy to prepare, cook quickly and are v...

Skinny Kitchen in More Magazine

I'm so excited to be featured in More magazine's big article this month about personal branding. The article is based on the premise that you can't move ahe...