Skinny Kitchen is your fun guide to healthy yet decadent-tasting foods.  Each week I share skinny recipes, cooking and kitchen tips, food finds and the healthy benefits of many recipes.  There is also nutritional information (Skinny Facts) for each recipe. For many of the recipes, I compare a regular, high fat version. This nutritional information is under Fat Facts. In addition, since I have so many people that use Skinny Kitchen and are on Weight Watchers, I conveniently include Weight Watchers POINTS on each. I’m not a Weight Watchers site but have many requests to include these points. All my recipes include mouth-watering photos. Every recipe is like getting your own private cooking class! You’ll be delighted with the huge calorie and fat savings when you make these yummy recipes the Skinny Kitchen way.  Come join me weekly as I share new recipes. Reap the benefits that delicious, healthy food can bring to you and your family.  Skinny Kitchen makes cooking an exciting and appetizing experience.

Delicious food can be part of a healthy lifestyle.  My recipes are decadent comfort foods that we all love but with a twist. They are all lower in fat and calories but big on taste. I’ve skinnyfied them! Now you can enjoy these fabulous recipes “guilt-free.” These include sweet potato fries, blended mochas, meatloaf, chicken-pot pie, grilled Rueben sandwiches, brownies, and cheesecakes – to name a few.  And yes, it’s possible to have dessert and stay skinny too! Just using reduced- fat milk instead of cream or lean ground beef rather than regular beef makes the world of difference nutritionally.  Along with these wonderful and memorable recipes, you’ll find an abundance of helpful information on nutrition.

Skinny Kitchen is about making small skinny changes in your cooking to gain huge benefits. Being healthy doesn’t require a complete overhaul.  Making skinny substitutions- reducing fat, calories, and sodium in your everyday cooking can transform the way you look and feel.  This kind of tweaking is more likely to last if the food tastes great.

Cooking for your family and friends is a wonderful way to bring people together. I’ve created every recipe and tested it many times before on my family before I share it.  They are simple to prepare, skinny and still taste irresistible.

I look forward to you joining me.

With My Very Best Wishes,

Nancy Fox

Weight Watchers Disclaimer:
The SmartPoints, PointsPlus and POINTS values for all my recipes were calculated by Skinny Kitchen and are provided for informational purposes only. This is not an endorsement, sponsorship or approval of any of my recipes by Weight Watchers International, Inc., the owner of the WEIGHT WATCHERS, Points Plus and POINTS trademarks.